Saturday, July 9, 2011

he melts my heart! So sweet..

We spent the afternoon in Duck, North Carolina yesterday and I was in HEAVEN. I soaked up every second of our time there and was truly blown away by God's handiwork. I have wanted to see North Carolina for some time now and it was really neat to finally make a drive down there.  As we neared this quaint and cozy town my heart began to fill! People were riding bikes, every building was CUTE, and the oceanside was these people's backyard! I told Darren I was sinning for sure while I coveted everyone who owned a home there.  It was just me..the styles of the homes, the small town, BEACH, smell of sunblock, I really was happy.  We met some wonderful people who let us stay for a rib dinner and I was able to look out at the view from their living room/kitchen while the sun set across the ocean.  I was dying to grab a book and sit outside in one of their many comfy chairs. Darren had to drag me away but I felt very full.  We spent most of the afternoon on the beach and I picked up a few seashells while the waves swept around my feet.  Can you picture this day with me?? I loved the sort of peace that came over me..and I was able to praise God for the beauty.  He didn't have to arrange our world in breathtaking views but He did and it reveals his glory all the more! I needed a short trip to the sunny shores of North Carolina to be reminded how God loves me. God fills us up in ways no person or thing is able to..if you allow Him.

I am not a picky person, in fact I think that's what makes me a good fit for being a navy wife. You can move me anywhere and after awhile i'll make a home and meet some pretty sweet people but there was something about being in North Carolina that made my heart swell and I ached to stay there for the rest of my life.  I love that God has allowed me to see the beauty all over though. Honestly you could plop me in front of a cornfield and as the sun sets over that field i'm in heaven as well! I envy those that live in the mountains in colorado..they just shout of God's glory.  There is beauty across the world and I know this didn't come to be on it's own. I love being the daughter of the one that created this all..he did so good!

This week tuesday marks our three year wedding anniversary and I am really excited to celebrate with Darren! We had a wonderful trip yesterday and last night as we were driving home we were reminiscing over the past three years and it was neat.  I'm looking forward to writing a post about my man in the next few days so i'll save all my words about him for then! But man do I truly love Him.

I have been looking forward to sunday morning all week. I LOVE our church family deeply and have come to really enjoy our time there.  These people make me beyond happy as we spend more time together. We meet in a middle school, it is not glamorous  by any means.  But it has my heart because of that simplicity..our pastor speaks each week with an honest heart... and do you know how neat it is to know you're family is cared for? We meet for sunday school with a group of other young married couples all at different places in their walk with God and they have each encouraged me in some way.  I like opening our bibles and digging through God's word together.  I like hanging out with them during the week and experiencing life together.  It's a small community of believers but they are making a big impact on my life right now.  Sometimes simplicity is such a nice thing.  I love meeting God on sunday mornings. :)

Garrett is wonderful.  He has been the happiest baby on the block.  I am always told by people that spend a few hours around us how relaxed he is and such a good baby.  I love hearing that because it reminds me how blessed we are with him! He hardly gets fussy and makes going out very easy.  He'll go to other people just fine and I know that makes them feel good to have their baby fix.  Yesterday he passed out on this woman and she soaked him in! I loved that she was able to have that time with him because it seemed to make her very happy. 
Tonight Garrett and I went to a surprise party at a restaurant and he sat in his stroller content for two and half hours while I ate and chatted with friends.  He took a rest and then woke up happy as can be.  He played with his toys and stayed happy all night.  Garrett is a baby full of smiles which blesses me so much.  I know each mom brags on their baby and I am right there with them! I don't know if he will become a crazy child but being his mother is incredible.  I love that he will over the years learn about Jesus and I thank God that He will be loved so deeply by his family and our friends. 
Garrett has his moments when he is beside himself upset but I can handle them well.  Do you ever feel like you're doing something right? I know that as God walks me through motherhood it will be much more of a blessing.

The other night we were getting ready for bed and I began telling Darren how I was blessed and have never faced any sort of big tragedy in my life. I don't know anyone personally (except my great grandmother) that passed away, all my life i've been provided for, i've never been abused, I come from a loving family that also loves God.  I now have married into a family that I love dearly and who treat me as their own.  How come?  Why did God allow me to be this blessed..and I asked darren if I would still love God and think he was good if something happened that rocked my world and He said, 'Laura you would still love God'.  I know that's true tonight..because He is good.  I know that if I lost someone dear to me or tragedy fell on us that God would provide as always.  I know that pain would definitely come but God has filled my life with people that would surround me and walk me through.  I don't know why God blessed me with this life but i'm thankful to Him for loving me deeply. 
Well it's getting so late and I need to get to bed, thanks for letting me share :). Have a great rest of the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I think it is perfectly natural to sort of "covet" the beautiful places God has placed before us to enjoy. As long as we acknowledge the beauty as God's work and do our best to protect it, it's okay.

I do love how you talk about Darren, your little guy Garrett, and your church family! Such encouragement to your readers who struggle with all the things you share so openly. Learning how to make yourself a home in a strange place is a HUGE challenge for some people out there, and I am certain that you are a beam of light and hope to them, Laura. KEEP THAT UP!

I look forward to your blog about Darren. I've never met him, but I feel like I know him through your blog. (I hope to meet him in person some day, though!)

And now I would like to request a prayer for the submariners who will be leaving on a cruise soon. One of our NP graduates will be aboard the nuclear sub going out soon. While he feels confident and sure of his duties and responsibilities, I know that deep down he's a little bit nervous. This young man is not yet 20yrs old, and he is a very trusted, trusting and responsible Navy man. He's been in the Navy just under a year, and this will be his first cruise. I'd like to think he's going out with as many prayers as we can request. He's stationed at Norfolk, right now, so he's in your neck of the woods. Anyhow, Please include him in your thoughts and prayers? Thanks.

I gotta hit the hay... I have plans to drive to Elkhart in the morning for church over there. One visit there and I NEED them, too!

Blessings to you and your family, Laura.