Monday, January 17, 2011

It will never be the same...

Around 5:00a.m I crawled awkwardly out of bed to make Darren coffee and I caught a glimpse of my baby's bed.  I realized in that moment that 5 a.m..more like all hours of the night will become a new normal.  Life isn't going to be the same but I can't wait to share with you the adventures ahead of me as a mom.  I do hope you'll stick around and read this blog even if it doesn't make sense because lets face it i'm going to be lacking in the sleep department.  I'm not sure how much time there will be to sit down and write for an hour and sip coffee.  Oh coffee...I'll be needing plenty of that in the near future!

I've been thinking about God a lot lately.  I'm not sure that it reflects in my recent posts because we've been in a funk.  Unfortunately that's happened plenty in the 16 years of knowing Him as my savior but I love when I figure it out.  For example the past month life has been wonderful but I've hardly uttered more then a paragraph to him! Do you know where my Bible is right now? Under my bed...and it's collected some dust.  You can't shake God once you've experienced having a relationship with him and how sweet it is.  It's hard to be consistent because it's a conscience choice to seek Him everyday and submit your will to Him.  There's always going to be distractions and it's important to choose to be disciplined in my walk with God at any cost.  It feels good to see where i've fallen short and make things right.  I want God to walk me through the rest of my pregnancy and provide me with the strength to deliver this baby. He's faithful and so good to me!

Today our stroller came and I opened the box and took everything out and took a picture of it and then tried to put it together....
It's still not put together because I'm afraid to break it and it seems better to wait until Darren gets home. I did give an honest effort and it was a pitiful site to see. Anyways, he's become a pro at putting things together. :) I told him that I don't know what I'd do without him! And I figure this is his way of experiencing a tiny ounce of the pain I'll be going through soon. ;) Is that mean or what?

I went to the store today and while I was walking around an employer from JC penny stopped me to ask how I was doing and how far along I was.  Isn't it horrible that I was thrown off by an employee talking to me!?  He gave me a tip to come back in the beginning of feb. because they were having a big baby sale and congratulated me.  He was walking around the place with a huge smile on his face and I thought man that was really nice! So often we keep our guard up and who can blame us in the world we live in but it's wonderful to experience a friendly face with a good spirit. Today i'm thankful for a happy face that made my heart smile.  It brightened my day!

I don't know which book I'm going to study in my Bible but I'm looking forward to this evening taking out all of my resources and digging deep into God's word.  There is nothing more exciting then being surrounded with material that helps to unlock hidden treasures.  If I find anything i'll be sure to pass it along. :) Well I'm going to go eat dinner and enjoy some quiet time with God. Have a wonderful night!

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