Thursday, November 11, 2010

My sister shot a ton of maternity pictures at the beach today. I snuck one in from my phone though. They turned out really great from what she showed me on her camera! We're going to do studio pictures either tomorrow or Saturday and that will be neat. It was fun to be creative and capture moments of this pregnancy.

I am beyond tired tonight. There are some days that it hits me suddenly and not only does my body shut down but my brain as well! It's wonderful that at the time being there isn't a lot of responsibility put on me. At least during the nights when this happens :). We're officially welcoming back heartburn to this pregnancy. It's here once again :/ I haven't been a griping pregnant woman because honestly this pregnancy has been incredible and I've felt wonderful. The heartburn is a part of pregnancy that I can tolerate easily, but it's been gone for so many weeks which was really nice. I guess it's time to say goodbye to orange juice again.

Today my sister and I went to the outlet mall for my first shopping trip for my baby boy. Oh how dangerous caters, gymboree, the childrens place are! it's terrible....I see these cute things and think my boy NEEDS this or that. haha I did really well today and stuck to a tight budget and shopped clearance racks and talked myself in and out of clothing selections. I haven't bought anything for him yet so today was the first time i let myself.

In my free time I've been thinking about how to decorate his nursery and at this point i've narrowed it down to either sports or sailboats. It's not easy for me because i'm not a visual designer. I'm more of the type to see something already done and say, 'yes! I love that!'. We'll figure something out though and i'm sure it will be cute.

I miss Darren so much today. A friend asked me last night how I was doing emotionally and it threw me off. After Darren left life had to go on and I had to figure out how to function normally without crying or feeling sorry for myself. I haven't cried a lot at all during this deployment because God has provided the strength to walk this road. There is joy and hope when my eyes are glued to Christ. I do have hard days though. When they come I spray his sweatshirt, look at a picture of him, and pray that God would let me crawl into his lap for awhile.
I will never stop missing his smile, kiss, laugh, comfort, and friendship. It's hard to let him leave for this long and trust God's plan.
Today is veterans day and for the first time in all my life I'm thinking of the veteran's families. The other half that goes unnoticed and sometimes not appreciated. Maybe because I'm there right now and it brings comfort to know so many have walked this road. My heart goes out to the wives who kissed their husband goodbye and He never did come home, or the children who said goodbye to mom or dad for months and made sacrifices. Also for the wives/mothers who held down the fort at home and supported their husband and took the role of everything...Thank you!

Happy veterans day!

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