Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have finished packing up my little boy's clothes, toys, and the rest of his gifts. It will be fun to share with Darren what we were given and set up the nursery with him.
I am very very excited to see Darren put together the crib. I think it's one of those sweet moments I have pictured and look forward to giggling in the doorway and watching him piece together the instructions and whip out his 'tool box' which is actually the wimpy-est tool kit I have ever seen. Someone please get the man some 'manly tools'! haha I will take a picture of our hammer and post it for us to laugh about. We are not a DIY kind of couple and we're perfectly okay with that! We will venture into new projects when we have a place of our own but between apartment living and moving we haven't had a chance to fix up a home.
I have completed all of our Christmas shopping this year and it's still November! I wanted to buy and send out gifts before moving so that I'd have time to think about gifts and not let it be a stressful process but something fun while picking up gifts here and there.
Today I was sitting on my bed with my feet propped up looking at the gooseberry patch cookbooks online and writing down my Christmas list. I picked up my pen right off the top of my belly! Did you catch that? I am such a pregnant girl now! I'm using my belly as a table :). I did laugh and then began scheming other things I can balance on my stomach. I might as well take advantage of my new 'table'. Drinks, books, candy bars? Oh yes!
The navy and I were not on good terms this week. We have what you'd call a love/hate relationship. Some days I can remember that there is a positive to every negative, while other days I am fuming because they took my husband away and aren't always fair. I am pregnant and there should be special treatment for my family, right? It's only fair that they accommodate to my needs...after letting them take my husband away. :)
We signed up for this. I was reminded that straight from God and I wasn't happy to be told that.
He may or may not be around when our son comes and that thought just scares me and makes me want to cry but it's normal to feel scared for your first pregnancy anyways. Throw in the unfortunate circumstance that Darren will be gone...and you get the picture, but that is life.
I'm going to be given a choice daily over the next few months. Will you choose an attitude that reflects Christ or sit with your arms folded and refuse to let God be glorified?
I'm learning! I have always known God to provide in all types of circumstances and it may not be how I expected but it turns out to be really incredible when He has something to do with our lives.
I've been preparing today a list of the blessings in my life and throughout this pregnancy that I can remind myself of daily (if need be). So if i'm sitting in a delivery room without Darren or family I'm going to be okay. There will be a doctor and nurse that can deliver this baby and take care of me, God will remain in that delivery room and the holy spirit will walk me through. I took the worst case scenerio and filled it with truth that comforts me to the core. He will provide.
We need to remember the ways we're blessed when our circumstances seem's how we're going to walk through life honoring God.
I am willing to give an honest effort to have a good attitude because I may only have one chance to be pregnant and want remember this time of my life and be filled with sweet memories.
Please pray for Darren as it's probably incredibly difficult for him to not be sure what's going to happen. I can't imagine what He's going through and the anxiousness he'll feel while being on the ship during that time wondering if things are okay and just wanting to be home with his pregnant wife.
I tell my son all the time that he needs to wait until the actual due date or later..can we start bribing early on? Is that wrong? haha I will be doing the reverse of everything pregnant woman try to do in order to have the baby.
*Smiley* That's how i've always been. Since I was a wee little one, I have been called little miss sunshine. I was always smiling and still do! I love that God placed a gift of joy inside my heart when I was little and how it has evolved throughout the years into a deep joy in Him.

Life was sweet when I was a child. I had a great childhood and loved my two brothers and two sisters. We had so much fun together and as we each have different personalities we come together and make a pretty entertaining bunch. Our parents loved us and always did what was best for us. We went to a great church where 'God' sang as the choir director. (at least I thought Mr. Douglass was God, I'm still given a hard time about that!) When we moved and went to a new church I had a great time there too! I played soccer for 13 years and LOVED it. I wasn't the best on the field but enjoyed practices and the games and friends. I loved going to awana and saying my bible verses and getting candy! I played..oh did we ever use our imaginations! From cutting out 'paper dolls' people, furniture, etc from magazines, running around outside climbing trees, Polly pockets, barbies, throwing the ball around, our swing set, sledding, riding bikes, playing waitress with Melissa, having tea parties...I had fun. I was a blessed little girl. We didn't have a lot of money but we were well provided for. It hasn't ever taken a lot to make me happy.

So when I met my husband as a senior in high school, It didn't take much to make me love him. He loved God, sports, and was really happy. I knew right away that he was the guy that I wanted to spend my entire life with. He was the guy that I prayed for under the stars, and wrote all those letters to. That was what I knew then but it's incredible the way I see him now.
He still makes me incredible happy, and it doesn't take a lot on his part. If he smiles at me from across the room, sits and talks to me while I'm cooking dinner, grabs my hand as we're walking, kisses my forehead. But what makes me the happiest is when we're able to talk about God because I know that He is giving me something special. He isn't a man of many words and it takes effort, but when he shares his heart, He is trusting me and letting me see the Darren that only God has seen. That is one of the things i've experience in life that has made me feel special.
We're getting ready to be parents together. Can you even prepare yourselves for this adventure? I don't think so! No matter what books you're reading, or people you're talking to. It's something you learn as you go trusting God and each other...but the important part is being together. I've seen that in my parents and pull that out as one of the many things they did right as parents. They stood alongside of each other and honored the other one.

I thank God for my fun to love Husband. God made us for one another....and I'm so happy that he did!


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