Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday! And a HUGE thank you to all of the military spouses around the world. Reagen made sure there was a day that recognized us and i'm really thankful for that! (good man!) Between deployments, dirty diapers, keeping the house clean, juggling activities, missing your husband, and keeping everything together you are strong women!

Today i went to a luncheon that was really nice! They really did pamper us girls and i needed it! The speaker talked about always feeling lost when people asked what she did. That question always haunts me! I related with her because i always feel a little lost when someone asks me that question. As though what i'm doing isn't good enough. As a military spouse you go into it knowing you're going to have to make sacrifices. But no one can fully prepare you for what that actually means. I realize now that for me it means i will have to take school at a slower pace and because of the moves it will require a few different schools along the way. I will have to make do when he needs to be there for his job and not be mopey! When the time comes that we start having kids i will have to make even more sacrifices. Darren will not always be there to help me out and i may have to raise our children without him being present as times. I DO HAVE GOOD NEWS! God doesn't let you stand all alone. He PROVIDES! Through family and friends that he's placed in my life i've seen how true he is to taking care of me.

It's hard to be married to the military. I'm only just entering this new chapter in our lives and i have moments i am very scared. But before i have time to think about it along comes a friend! God surely will provide for our needs. So a big thank you to all the military spouses!

This past week my husband and I went to the braves game. It was a blast! After feeling a bit distant from him lately it was very rejuvenating to have a night out doing something we both love! A baseball game! We talked a lot and laughed the entire night! The braves even pulled through for us and won. There was a lot of little things in our marriage that weren't huge issues but were becoming more noticeable and we were able to communicate with each other in a healthy way. I am even more in love with him because of moments like that! It's amazing to watch your husband grow and to be able to say he is a man after God's heart makes me smile so much! I need his leadership and faith in God like i need oxygen. The relationship he has with God shapes him into an incredible man and the husband i need! Also, it helps me as a wife to thrive and meet his needs on a whole new level. We are two imperfect people but we're crazy about each other. I know as Christ makes his way to the center of our hearts and as we walk in obedience with Him, our marriage becomes exactly the thing that glorifies him. God wants to see marriages work and he will answer prayers that a miracle would happen to save this marriage. I stand first hand telling you to HOLD ON if your feeling lonely, out in the dark, not important, etc. God has a plan and purpose for your life. At times i am far to concerned with what Darren is not doing that i neglect to see my own sin. Let God be God, and you be that cute wife that pours love out to your husband. Again...don't trash talk ladies! It's not going to fix your marriage. If you need to talk to someone, first pray and then find a good family member, or close friend that will listen but give you encouraging advice. I praise God that my husband has not ever bad mouthed me to family and friends. People don't need to see all of our dirty laundry. I think of the woman in proverbs 31 who praised her husband! Please go back and read that passage, it's something we woman need to see. Not to perfect her but see her as a model of how we should be as woman.

Well I am itching to get out of here for our weekend getaway! It's going to be so nice to spend more time together and the two of us are in a great place in our marriage to celebrate and enjoy each other! God has blessed us richly, and i'm very thankful for that. I will post pictures when we get back.
Okay to end on a happy note, It's time for a fun story. This morning i woke up at four to take darren to work and a huge moth flew and other huge yucky bug flew in. As we were walking out i realized...'Wait i'm going to have to go back in there and find them when i come back..ughhh' I'm just not awake that early enough to hunt bugs. Well i hardly had time to hunt because as i walked in and ran to the kitchen to get the fly swatter (i thought i had time thinking they'd be in the stairway) the moth attacked me! :o it was in the kitchen flying very fast! So there i am around four in the morning screaming and doing my 'i've got the Ibbie jeebies' dance! It was probably quite funny to watch but i was freaking out and running into the living room, then running back into the kitchen swinging the fly swatter around like a mad woman! I missed every time of course. Then it flew into the stairway. Yes friends, i stood downstairs for a lonnnnggg time to afraid to run upstairs. The moth landed pretty high up in the staircase and the other nasty bug was around there too. I quickly schemed to get squishy baseballs to throw at them. Of course i missed and then realized i was acting crazy and was needing to go back to bed! Well they both disappeared and now i'm jumping for joy that i'm leaving and don't have to deal with them! But you better believe i've been looking everywhere for them. It's the little things in life like this that crack me up! I am seriously considering hiring someone to come live with me to help fight the creepy crawlers. ;)
To my future babies, i am sorry ahead of time! You're mommy is the biggest wimp when it comes to killing bugs, but i'll always give you a good laugh.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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