Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hey! I hope you had a great weekend!

I had a hard week as a navy wife. After months and months of suppressing my sadness for missing family, friends, church, Indiana, etc well this happen to be the week that i couldn't hold it in anymore. I think my husband is wonderful for listening to me vent about missing everything. I'm very homesick and feel like i've been on a vacation and need to go home now! :) It doesn't work this way! I'm very thankful for having people and places to miss though. Mostly i miss my mother though. She is the best because she tells me how it is but she always knows when i need to just be hugged so i can cry like a little girl! My mother is wonderful and i have to say i HATE phone calls with her because it makes it hurt even more. I told a friend that i've been avoiding calling my mom lately because i know i'll start to cry. My mom knows me the good and bad, and yet accepts me. I'm sure i've practically driven her crazy at times but i've never once doubted how much she loves me. I love her, she loves God and is an incredible wife and mother. No she's not perfect and she'll be the first to tell you this, but I love how authentic she is. I've seen Christ in her and he has used her MANY times in my own life. I remember my teen years there was a true struggle between us. I was a stubborn brat at times and very rude. I'm very thankful that she loved me through those years, i was hard to live with. Having a mother like her is a blessing from God. I can't wait to see her again.
My parents are two of my heroes. Their both an example of remembering to lighten up and smile! My Dad is the happiest guy i've ever known, and my mom is all of the above and more! They have a marriage that shows love and respect on both sides. I am thankful that they never walked away when life became hard, they learned each other and chose to love even knowing the other's flaws. My parents are friends! They actually like each other and you can see that.

I wanted to start off by talking about them because they gave me something that happens to be the BEST gift. Introducing me to Jesus as my savior. God chose them to be my parents and they were obedient to him. All because their parents were the same way. I have a deep adoration for my parents and grandparents. Since i was born i've been surrounded with people that are serious about God. I was given the opportunity to see Christ in people from a young age. This is a blessing if i've ever known one!
I love studying my bible and if it was up to me, i'd start bible college asap! I've been looking into liberty college for a religion degree. Oh i can't even explain how excited i was when i looked into the types of classes i'd be taking. It was like Christmas morning! The more Darren and i talk about this university we realize it may not be in our budget yet. Bummer! I am the sort of girl that listens to sermons for fun, and Sunday mornings when the message is over i am disappointed. I could listen to a good message for hours and hours and not be bored. My struggle right now is having a hunger to study the Bible but feeling as though i dont have all the tools!
Okay i will have to wrap this up seeing that it's late! How'd that happen? I'll write in the next few days because there is still so much i'd love to be able to share! Thanks for reading and spending your time catching up with my life!

P.S. I LOVE spell checker!

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