Tuesday, December 28, 2010

These past few weeks living in our new home has been really nice. I love relaxing and not having too much responsibilities besides bills, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. The downside is that i'm feeling super lazy! I can hardly gather the energy to wash the dishes today. :) But don't worry they'll get done along with the laundry.
Last night I realized the need to soak up this time in my life because before we know it our baby boy will be here and there won't be enough time in the day to sit and relax!
On a side note the other day I was reading in one of my baby books about labor and delivery and i've decided that I have been blocking this part out. SO as I read and became more familiar with the delivery process I freaked out. Is there any way to bypass this step and jump straight to holding my baby? Wouldn't that be wonderful?
Darren and I ordered the nursery furniture yesterday and I'm one happy girl! I really love what we picked out and am excited about the price we're paying for everything. The mattress comes with the crib too! (What a deal!)

My husband has been home for a week now and I LOVE it. On top of that I really love him and the man that he is. I'm dreading the month he has to be away but we have some time before he has to go. It just stinks that he has to leave again but he'll come home shortly before the baby is due. I am praying hard that our son decides to wait until his dad can be there! I know God will provide no matter what happens.
Lately i've wanted to press the pause button and soak up the sweet moments Darren and I have shared. We both agree this 'honeymoon phase' has been wonderful! I think it's great how God blessed me with Darren to walk through life with. I can't believe how much our marriage has changed for the better. Before I fell asleep last night I was thinking about our relationship and how much we've been through together already in the four years we've known each other. I was thinking about how happy he makes me and how much i appreciate the husband he is.
Last night we went out for a nice dinner date and then to best buy to spend Darren's gift card money. It was fun to help him pick out a new ipod. He picked out the new ipod touch and i'm only a little jealous :). We had fun talking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company.
He is an incredible guy and very protective of his wife and son. We were taking the trash out and there was a ton of ice and he made me stop and took the trash I had so i wouldn't walk over the ice. It's the little things like this that cause a wife's heart to swell with pride over her man.
Throughout this pregnancy he has been a huge blessing. He is excited and into this pregnancy and frequently asks how i'm doing or how the baby is doing that day. He'll put his hand on my belly randomly or say the funniest things to the baby. I am able to enjoy our son with him and that is fun to share! We're both looking forward to the change in our lives and knowing that Darren is on board this ship with me is a blessing.
I am loving the extra time we've been able to spend together but am being spoiled at the same time! I'm soon going to have to accept the balance of him going back to work with normal hours and our time together being cut down. I still believe we'll find time to enjoy each other and that the time we do spend with each other will be special. If the navy has given me one thing its been a sense of appreciation for time with him..and to not take it for granted.

I think it's time to do those dishes now! Have a wonderful day :)

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Anonymous said...

Girl, you should write a book....seriously. Uplifting, funny, thoughtful, insightful, spiritual, silly and serious at the same time. SUCH a wonderful walk through your pregnancy and married life.

Seriously, Laura, so many young women who are contemplating marriage could learn from your experiences. Seek God, seek God in their husbands -- receive more blessings than one could ever have hoped! These are the lessons that have become plainly evident.

You have a lucky, lucky husband, and a very lucky little boy, too!