Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm sorry for not writing! I have had plenty of time to write a post but it's funny because the words just haven't been there! ..and i'm a girl of many words normally!?
How can I even explain this deployment in one blog?
I've been blessed by God with good family and friends who came alongside of me and made this time away from Darren a lot easier. Is it okay if we leave it there today?

He's coming home tomorrow! YES that's right :) I've finally been given the green light to talk about it. It is unreal that tomorrow i'm going to be standing on a pier looking towards a giant ship that has been my husband's home for over 5 months. I'm anticipating the tears and smiles and the moment I see him! That moment will be so special between us.
I think God really blesses your time coming back together and i've prayed hard for a smooth transition.
I'm 30 weeks pregnant today! I am still crazy about this little guy even after he discovered my ribs this week. (ow!)
He is one wonderful baby though and the poor thing gets the hiccups all the time now.
His room is not ready but Darren said he wanted to help me with that and i'm really looking forward to sharing that together.

I still love our new home and am adjusting well to the area. It's been nice to make a few friends as well!
I've done a little baking for Darren and had a great time! The baby boy was kicking and moving around the whole time..i think he really wanted some of the baked goods.

Well it is finally dark and that means soon it will be time for bed which means it will be the morning soon!! I hope you have a wonderful night :)

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Anonymous said...

May tomorrow bring you joy overwhelming, love unending, and the peace your heart needs as you and Darren prepare for the arrival of your baby boy. Enjoy the anticipation, Laura.

Love ya lots!