Friday, November 5, 2010

This was what I woke up to. (I LOVED it!)
There is something special about the first snowfall of the season. When the snowflakes are falling it reminds me of the peace that God has given me. It makes me want to sit by the window in comfy clothes with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the view. Snow reminds me of growing up and all the sweet childhood memories of playing in the snow, sitting by the fireplace, watching Christmas movies, snow days!, the entire month of December and all the traditions we had, and Christmas! I see how people can look at snow and grumble but I've never been that way. There's too much good things about it for me and Id rather enjoy it since it's here to stay for awhile. :)

My mom and I spent the day together going grocery shopping, buying my baby shower gift (that was strange to be with her and see what the gift was), looking through cookie recipes, and having coffee and biscotti. We had a good day :) She told me that I'm not allowed to move away and that made me feel bad because it's been nice to spend time with my mom everyday. Goodbyes are not easy!

Today we went to 'babies r us' and parked in the, 'expectant moms' space. We had a nice laugh about it and I loved the special treatment.

While we were in the store we came across this walker jeep! (My husband is constantly talking about wanting a jeep.) Well with our baby coming the jeep seems to be out of the questions so i tagged him in a picture on facebook letting him know this is the closest he will get to owning a jeep. How cute is this thing though? It's dangerous being a parent because there is way too many cute clothes, toys, and accessories for babies!
Today my baby boy was given his first colts attire. It was a colts hat and I can't wait to see him wearing it!

Tomorrow will be the first baby shower and it's going to be great to see family and celebrate this baby! I can't wait to see what He gets but am warning all of you that I'll be wanting this baby to be here all the sooner! I am treasuring this pregnancy and have been feeling wonderful.
I came across this verse in 1 Samuel 1:27 (NIV)
27 I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I ask of him.

This verse comes from the story of samuel's mother Hannah and how she prayed for a son and God blessed her with one. Of course there is a lot more to the story but when i read that verse it reminded me of similar conversations I've had with God in thanks for my son.
I have never desired to be in a career and I hope that you understand it has nothing to do with being lazy! I've always wanted to be a wife and mother. These dreams are engraved deep into my heart by Christ and it's part of what makes me who I am. I love that my husband is the leader of our home and my spiritual leader. It's been a blessing to have him as my best friend. I want to be available for him and fulfill my role as his 'help-mate'. It's not always easy to respect and love your husband because we're human and have flaws but I sure do love that guy! It's amazing to grow closer through the years and see God working in our hearts and using us to glorify Himself.
I had always dreamed of being a mother. I can't explain how thankful I have been towards Darren that he wants me to stay home with our son. To be able to raise this baby and be around for him is important to me. It's a tough job and takes endless patience and love! It's going to be overwhelming to become a parent because although I know some things, I don't know everything. I'm happy to have Darren at my side as we learn together. I may make some mistakes but will learn and figure things out.
Well I'm going to enjoy the rest of this night by the fire :). Hope things are going great for you!

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Anonymous said...

Again, you have a lovingly delightful way of bringing joy into the world of others, Laura. Sometimes there are lots of radical folks out there who think that women who are wives and mothers are "settling" for less than they could be otherwise. I admire husbands and wives who are so connected that the woman can choose to be wife and mother first - and she can know that she is where she is supposed to be. Being this for your child, for your husband, is not being is being exactly what God has asked of you.

Prayers are continuing for you and your growing family. :-)