Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grady and Aunt Laura
Home sweet Home. :) My trip to Arizona was great! I loved spending time with family and getting a chance to see my niece Maeli and nephew Grady. My sister in law and I were also able to catch up quite a bit and I enjoyed getting to know her. Thanks you Dan and Sharon for inviting me to go with!
Melissa passed on a lot of baby boy clothes, a car seat, carrier, and other baby things! It was fun to sort through clothes and think about my baby wearing them.
Right after arriving back home my mom and I went for a 5 mile walk! It was awesome to share about my trip and hear about her week. When the time comes for me to move, it is going to be extremely hard. I love my family very much and knowing they won't be around to see my baby boy is heartbreaking.
Can i share with you one of my favorite things about being pregnant? Feeling this little guy moving around! He seems to be more awake when i'm ready to go to bed but I don't mind. I have never felt my stomach this much but i catch myself nudging, pushing, tapping to try and stir him. I still can't believe this is all happening and that in four month he will be here. I love him so much already. It's hard to explain but he is just really special to me. He is a reminder of his dad for me, that we're a family and how God is blessing us. I look at the ultra-sound pictures and can't believe how big he is now from when i first saw him as a peanut!
I feel like as we're nearing the end of this deployment i'm out of breath! I'm ready to cross the finish line and be in my husbands arms with tears pouring down my cheeks. I'm ready for that moment he walks off the ship and is home. It takes a lot of strength to walk this deployment in a way that honors God. There have been moments that i have not acted holy, but there are also moments that God has been able to shine His light through my life. It's been my prayer that he would not stop teaching or guiding me during these last few months. I remember kissing him goodbye at the airport and not truly understanding what was going on. But as we said our goodbye's a gentleman came up and thanked him and that's when i realized the larger picture, that sometimes you make sacrifices for other people...just as Christ did. That was when i was given a choice to either walk in God's light or to have pity on myself. I chose to seek God and he poured love into my heart and covered me. It won't be long now until He is home and we are setting up a crib, laughing with one another, watching movies, and driving each other crazy haha. But i'm confident that as Christ remains in our hearts he will bring so much joy into our marriage as He has been doing.
Have a wonderful Sunday night!

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Melissa said...

Laura! I love this post! You share your thoughts and heart so wonderfully. I love how you put everything you feel into words in such an extraordinary way! I am so excited that you only have 4 months left. Thats sooo soon! And it will go by so fast!
I can't wait to see you in a few weeks at your shower and then again in Indiana. I am so excited about coming home for a few days and spending some time with you before you move away! Bittersweet...I am so happy Darren will be home but very sad that you will be so far away.