Monday, May 31, 2010

I wanted to first say today is Memorial day and I'm very thankful to all the men and woman that have served this country. I am very proud to be an American citizen, and to also be the wife of a man who is serving our country now. I know that freedom is not free. We are a blessed country!

~These are the things on my mind~

I'm moving to a new home, and an old home!
(i was made for living out of a suitcase)

God is taking me to a safe haven for a long period of time and it feels great to be in his arms

My mother is going to teach me how to sew and i've already been scheming all the projects i'd like to make.

I have a few friends that i'm going to be able to love better by being closer to them and this is really exciting

I'm going to be in church every Sunday. I'm going to hear God's word and be surrounded by people i love. I will cry most likely because the joy inside of being in my favorite place will be hard to contain.

I'm going to see beautiful Lake Michigan (a lot!) I love the small beach town New buffalo, blueberry picking, laying under the stars, running on country roads again, seeing HORSES!

Seeing the open country fields again and being head over heals happy

Being around for the birth of my big sister's baby boy. Holding him in my arms whispering how much i love him. I can't wait to see my sister hold her baby.

How will i do it? How will i spend five months without Darren? How will i manage to keep it together when i say goodbye? Where we really meant to say goodbye for so long? But then i feel God's love surround me and it's easier to believe I can be a light even while Darren is away. I can spend 5 months serving God with all my heart. There will be people that won't realize how much their presence means in my life.

And this is deep in my heart tonight:

Nothing is hidden from God's sight (Hebrews4:13). Before Him i stand completely bare and one day must give an account. I have struggles that seem to creep in unexpectedly and they are like rising waters threatening everything precious to me. If you don't guard your heart, sin WILL creep in slowly.
I need simplicity in my life. Giving God the hurts and walking ahead with my head held high is the start of enjoying life more fully. It doesn't do any good trying to hide from God what He already knows.

God loves me in a way that frightens me because i've never done anything to deserve that love. It is most humbling how he shows that love every day even when i'm not faithful to him. How he gently whispers through songs that he is open to starting over and starting from scratch. This is the God of second, third, fourth, and many more chances. He forgives because of Jesus' death on the cross.

Darren and I talked of Heaven last night on our drive home. I continued to think about the joy of seeing Jesus, and tears spilling down my cheeks. At that moment i will be home, he will reach his arms out to me and i will be HOME. My citizenship is in Heaven, and i say praise be to God for that!

I wanted to share one more quick thing. This is my favorite cookbook line. It is adorable and has a country style charm throughout the cookbooks. I have a few of the cookbooks and love them. Here's a link to the website! Hope you have a fantastic night


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Darren said...

You're wonderful :) i always enjoy talking with you!