Saturday, May 15, 2010

I finally have a good solid amount of time to upload pictures and write. I really hope you've been having a great weekend. :)
Today i went 'treasure hunting'. I found some great things, and this very moment my creative juices are flowing and i can't wait to get started on projects around the house. I know that we may be moving in a month but as my mom said, you can take things with you!
I will tell the story through pictures, it's more fun to read that way!

This is my sweet man who did NOT feel like treasure hunting today. :)

STARBUCKS happy hour is the best.<3

Ikea...what an incredible store. My first experience was wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time. I was stoked to be going here today and found a few great buys which were not expensive at all. I made a mental wish list for the future already.

We bought this little table. I'm going to paint it and put a little lighthouse lamp on it i believe. I'm trying to do our second bathroom in a beach theme. Any ideas for what color i should paint this table? I was excited that it was only 5 dollars!

Then i found an apple cutter that I've been meaning to buy for a long time. Also a couple little jars for scrapbooking accessories. I think i did pretty good with not buying too much in a store that amazing!
We also went to a thrift store and although we didn't find anything it was still fun to look around.

Now dear friends...on to the most exciting part of this day for me! With my target gift card i bought a sewing machine! It was such a steal. I had looked up the one i wanted online and when i went into the store i saw a tag that said there was a special promotion. It was on sale along with a free carrying case. I saw the date for the sale ended on the eighth so i found an employee to ask about it. He actually was really nice and gave me the deal! (even though i'm pretty sure it was over with and they forgot to pull the sign off). Anyways it was really exciting, and after that i went to Joann fabrics to pick out a pattern for a pillow. As i was looking through patterns i realized i'm going to need to get a beginners book on how to sew because i'm lost! Still, this new hobby will be a lot of fun and i can't wait to get started. There's so many cute projects you can sew and i'll make sure to post pictures as i begin this new journey.

There you have it! My brand new sewing machine.


I'm going to write a little more about what i've been dealing with this past week.
Last night i stayed up pretty late looking at online sites like country home and country living. In my mind i'm dreaming up a beautiful home that's so comfortable and cozy. I'd love to have a cottage style home. I know that since my husband is in the navy this might not be a reality for us but isn't it fun to imagine? There will be a lot of chances for us to decorate new homes along the way and i'll find joy in that!
Today as we were driving back from ikea the route back was gorgeous! I'm not kidding i was practically jumping for joy because we were driving through the country side and there were farms and for miles and miles i didn't see anything but green rolling hills. It was beautiful and inside my soul leaped for joy. I trust in those moments that God is loving me through something so simple and boring to some, but to me it is beyond words beautiful. I couldn't stop smiling and then i wanted to cry because i longed for a place called home in the middle of nowhere. Don't get me wrong, i love people but i also love the comfort in a home in the country with crickets playing a symphony. The smell of fresh cut grass, and the moments of silence. I told Darren that i longed for a home in the country, away from all the busyness and fast paced lifestyle. The idea of watching the sun rise and set, on a front porch swing is bliss! Yet i have to trust that God's plans are far greater than mine.

I wanted to share an exert from my journal entry two days ago.
"I have only been at true peace when I have surrendered to God every part of me. A blessing to have experienced rest for my soul, but a burden for the days I am not up to obedience. It's a struggle and I realize what hinders me from joy some days, simply my own stubbornness. How God deals with me is beyond me, but I am thankful for each minute he spends next to me. I love him with every inch of me, I really do. I could never forget him or the closeness between us.
Today God allowed something beautiful to happen. I was given the most quiet of days. Nothing to think deeply about, no feelings of inadequacy, no anxiousness because the quiet was way to sweet and something i needed so badly..."

This week was full of struggles left to right. There are moments it seems being a christian would actually make life easier as well as perfect but honestly it's not like that. Making the mistake to believe a Christian's life is picture perfect can be tragic in the end! We stumble and fall every day and sometimes sin trips us up very badly. Wherever our fall takes us, God's grace begins. Choosing obedience is not my first reaction i'm sorry to say. However it is a learned skill that i'm working on daily. I still stomp my feet and complain when things don't turn out exactly how i believe they should. (not literally but you get the point :))
The other day felt like a time out straight from God. Bitterness crept into my heart and i didn't deal with it, Instead I let it fester into something not so pretty! I needed a day full of quietness. Throughout the day i was able to be still before Christ and He was able to work out the ugly in my heart. That evening i wrote about it and realized it was exactly what i needed, a time out. Even grown ups need those from time to time.
Don't be too hard on yourself and don't take life so seriously. It's important to let loose and enjoy the simple things! I want to encourage you to do this because it's a huge struggle i deal with constantly. I am very quick to think everything through and often i miss out on a handful of moments that could have brought happiness my way.

This week i stumbled onto one of my favorite musician's blog. Her name is JJ Heller and she sings songs that are classified as indie/folk. Reading through her blog brought so much warmth! I walked away with a tender heart, a big thank you to her! She shared pictures of her family, home, vacations, ect. It was a picture of a woman who loves God and genuinely enjoys life! This woman has an understanding of balance in a way that i envy. She has a beautiful little girl that is so tiny and adorable, and you can just tell how sweet their lives are since she came into this world. Their marriage seems like a blast! Have you ever met a couple that you just thought, man i wish i could have what they have! Well that's this couple, i'd love to spend an evening with them, it would be full of laughter and good conversation.
Over the past few days and especially since reading this blog i've been encouraged to do a few things.

~Enjoy life! SMILE.
~Pick up a few hobbies. It's fun and good for the soul :)
~Stay healthy and fit.
~Try new recipes and don't be so critical with the finished results.
~Don't be afraid to try new things. Like writing music, singing, learning the guitar or piano (they've been collecting dust!)
~You have one life, and it's your choice how to spend each day...don't spend it laying in bed until 11! ;)
I'm learning a lot and being encouraged to grow. Life can be beautiful, it's all in how you view it and that takes the right attitude.

Have a wonderful night!


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